NORDTEK DANMARK - EI42 - Encapsulated PCB Mount 50/60Hz Transformer - 5.4-8.5VA -

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EI42 - Encapsulated PCB Mount 50/60Hz Transformer - 5.4-8.5VA

Our comprehensive selection of products also includes a series of EI42 safety transformers for PCB mounting.

High-quality encapsulated vacuum potted transformers. Output power from 4.6VA.

  Pin and Transformer Height - EI42 Transformer   Print Layout - EI42 Transformer   EI42 - Encapsulated PCB Mount 50/60Hz Transformer - 5.4-8.5VA  
View from PCB   Solder pins 0.8 mm Ø  - Grid 5 mm

Type Max Ambient Temperature Pin Connections Pin Connections DVE * Stack
(H) mm
 EI42-12A/7.../... 70°C/B 6...36V - 5.40 VA 2x6...18V - 2x2.30 VA x nkf 14.8 31.5 196
 EI42-12F/7.../... 70°C/B 6...34V - 5.80 VA 2x6...17V - 2x2.90 VA x bkf 14.8 31.5 196
 EI42-32A/7.../... 70°C/B 6...39V - 7.40 VA 2x6...19V - 2x3.70 VA x nkf 20.0 38.0 255
 EI42-32F/7.../... 40°C/B 6...37V - 8.50 VA 2x6...18V - 2x4.25 VA x bkf 20.0 38.0 255

  • Approved to EN 60742
  • Vacuum cast
  • Two chamber coil
  • Safety class II
  • Protective system IP 00
  • Conditionally short-circuit proof (*bkf) through built-in temperature fuse,
    or not short-circuit proof (*nkf) but protected by external fuse on primary or secondary

Note: If using the conditionally short-circuit proof transformer type (*bkf), no strip conductors may be guided between the primary connecting pins on the component insertion side, because in this area there is an unprotected live soldering terminal.

Variants available on request

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