TEXD-Dual Port Auto MDI/MDIX Module

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Preliminary Data Sheet


  • Low profile (6.0mm) and light weight (3.0 g) 10/100Base-T Dual Port isolation transformer modules facilitate pick and place compatability and speed of placement
  • Dual port modules meet requirements of IEEE 802.3u and ANSI X3.263
  • Consistent and reliable coplanarity
  • Excellent quality at extremely competitive price due to high volume production
  • Manufactured in ISO-9001 approved facility

Electrical Specifications @ 25°C

Inductance: 350µH minimum @ 100kHz, 100mV, 8mA
Leakage Inductance: 0.4µ/H @ 1MHz
CW/W: 20pF Typical
Minimum Isolation Voltage: 1500 Vrms/td>

Operating Temperature: 0° to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +105°C
Standard packing: Tape and reel

Quality and consistency is guaranteed through 100% testing of the specified parameters for primary inductance, leakage inductance, turns ratio, DC resistance and interwinding capacitance.This ensures that the return loss and pulse wave shape requirements can be fully maintained. Additionally, all parts are tested for 1,500V minimum isolation.


The 10/100BaseT Dual transformer modules contain transmit and receive isolation transformers to maintain consistant wave shape and suppression of common mode noise while providing equipment isolation per IEEE 802.3. High impedance common mode quad chokes for additional EMI suppression have been added on some models as required for FCC and CISPR 22 Class B certification.

TEXD - Dual Port SMD MDI/MDIX 10/100Base-T Isolation Transformer Module

Turns Ratio
(dB Typ.)
Return Loss (dB Min.) Crosstalk (dB Typ.) Common to Common
Rejection Ratio 0.1-60MHz
(dB Typ.)
Differential to Common Mode Rejection
(dB Typ.)
Tx Rx 0.1-100MHz 2-30MHz 40MHz 50MHz 60-80MHz 1MHz 30MHz 60MHz 100MHz Transmit Receive 1-60MHz 60-200MHz
 TEXD-400N-J 1ct:1ct 1ct:1ct -1.0 -18 -14.6 -13.1 -10 -55 -45 -40 -33 -40 -30 -36 -24 N

Dimensions & Schematic

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